(Brownsville Public Library- Vinyl Wood Plank)

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you want a nice and good-looking floor then luxury vinyl might be your best option. Luxury vinyl consists of various types: vinyl wood plank, slate vinyl tile, travertine vinyl tile, marble vinyl tile, etc.

(McAllen Lakeshore Store)

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

Most commonly known as VCT, this type of floor is mostly used in retail stores, educational buildings, and hospitals. The incorporation of patterns and designs is an option to make the floor look attractive rather than having a uniform colored floor.

(Children’s Memorial Herman Hospital-Texas Medical Center)

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Health care institutions and especially operating rooms require their floors to be covered by sheet vinyl material. Because this type of material is best know as an anti-microbial material, it is always the first choice for most hospitals.

This material is also a good choice for most commercial projects that would like to have a unique floor.

(Su Clinica – Brownsville, quarter turn carpet tile installation)

Carpet Tile & Broadloom Carpet

Lobbies, libraries, and offices are best place to install any type of carpets whether it is carpet tile or broadloom carpet. Recently, in the commercial field, carpet-tile has rapidly replaced broadloom carpet mainly because of its easy of installation and replacement.

(Brownsville Library Rubber Tile)

Rubber Flooring

Although this type of material is installed in mostly all weight room and exercising areas, it can also be installed in various other areas.

(Decorative Wall Base)

(Decorative Wall Base)

Wall Base

Wall Base is a must for finish up your flooring installation. Wall base comes in several different sizes, ranging from 2.5’’ to 6’’. And it also comes in three different styles: No toe, Toe, and decorative.

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